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Essex  County  Greenbelt  

Land  Stewardship  Assistant  

Since  1961,  Essex  County  Greenbelt  (Greenbelt)  has  been  working  with  local   landowners to  conserve  farmland,  wildlife  habitat  and  scenic  landscapes  throughout   Essex  County, Massachusetts.  Greenbelt  has  protected  over  17,000  acres  of  land  to   date  and  is recognized  as  the  most  active  land  conservation  organization  in  the  region. 

Greenbelt  accomplishes  its  mission  of  land  conservation  through  the  establishment  of publicly  accessible  reservations,  the  acquisition  of  conservation  restrictions   (easements) and  by  providing  assistance  to  partner  organizations,  local  and  state   governments,  and private  landowners.  Greenbelt  owns  more  than  375  parcels  of  land,   totaling  about  6000 acres,  and  holds  conservation  restrictions  on  over  200  properties,   totaling  over  730 acres.  
Greenbelt  seeks  a  full-­time  (40  hours  per  week)  Land  Stewardship  Assistant  to  support   all  aspects  of  the  land  stewardship  department  across  Essex  County,  MA.  This  position   will  report  to  Greenbelt’s  director  of  land  stewardship  and  work  closely  with  the   assistant  director  of  land  stewardship  to  accomplish  the  following: 

  • Maintain  Greenbelt  owned  properties,  including  trail  work,  boundary  marking,   signage, grass  and  field  mowing,  clean-­up,  snow  plowing,  community  garden   management  and other  work  as  directed;
  • Coordinate  land  management  planning  and  other  special  projects,  like  habitat   restoration and  forestry;
  • Assist  with  a  variety  of  conservation  biology  initiatives  focused  on  wildlife   species  like Osprey  and  Piping  Plovers;
  • Assist  with  all  aspects  of  Greenbelt’s  conservation  restriction  program,  including   monitoring,  report  writing  and  general  administration;
  • Work  with  and  help  maintain  Greenbelt’s  land  conservation  and  stewardship   database;
  • Manage  and  coordinate  a  wide  range  of  volunteer  and  citizen  scientist  activities;
  • Assist  with  special  event  planning,  set-­up  and  management,  occasionally  on   week  nights and  weekends;
  • Represent  Greenbelt  at  meetings,  forums  and  conferences,  occasionally  on  week   nights and  weekends;
  • Perform  other  tasks  as  directed.   

Required  Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s  degree  with  a  natural  resource  focus  or  a  related  field;
  • Practical  experience  related  to  the  job  description;
  • Ability  to  perform  strenuous  physical  tasks,  sometimes  in  challenging   conditions  of  terrain and  weather;
  • Experience  operating  or  willingness  to  learn  to  operate  power  equipment  like   chainsaw, brush  saw,  walk-­behind  mowers,  farm  tractor  as  well  as  other  power   hand  tools  like  saws and  drills.  
  • Maintain  a  valid  driver’s  license  and  have  the  ability  or  willingness  to  learn  to   plow  snow and  tow  a  trailer;
  • Strong  technical  skills,  including  working  with  databases  and  GIS;
  • Strong  written  and  verbal  communication  skills,  organizational  skills,  and  the   ability  to work  as  part  of  a  team  with  common  goals.   

Salary  Range:  
Competitive.  Salary  commensurate  with  experience.  Generous  benefits  available.  
Additional  Information:  
This  position  is  located  at  Greenbelt’s  headquarters  at  the  Cox  Reservation  in  Essex,   MA.  Greenbelt  is  an  equal  opportunity  employer.  
To  Apply:  
Please  submit  a  resume  and  cover  letter  electronically  (PDF  preferred)  to:  with  subject  line:  Land  Stewardship  Assistant  Position  -­  or  by  mail  to:   Director  of  Land  Stewardship,  82  Eastern  Avenue,  Essex,  MA  01929.  Application   period  closed  April  30,  2017.  

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