Posted on December 1, 2016 by Jim MacDougall

black iceSince December has the least amount of daylight, activities outside are limited and its a better time for reflection. Over the course of a year, there are is a lot of nature to appreciate on Greenbelt land. We hope Greenbelt is your connection to nature. Appreciating and understanding nature really should not be just a hobby or a past-time, but a guiding motivation for our well being.

red foxThe conservation of land by Greenbelt preserves biodiversity through protecting habitat, retaining corridors, and protecting rivers.  All species need connectivity to the essentials of their world to survive the weather and the seasons.  Herring move up and down rivers to spawn, mink run along banks to catch crayfish, and the red fox moves her kits from den to den to minimize parasites and stay away from coyotes.

marshConnectivity is one of the ecological processes that is being directly impacted by people.  Our roads, culverts and dams fragment habitat. The herring can not jump over the old dam, the mink can't get through the culvert and the vixen leads her family across the perilous highway.

Our armchair tendencies separates us from the weather, the seasons and our impact on the dynamics of nature.  We need that connectivity to the out of doors to keep all things in perspective. We need to see why the dynamics of nature help to keep our world stable.

Preserving land is a great first step to saving the natural order.  Restoring the ecological processes like reversing fragmentation is essential also. We should support replacing undersized culverts with larger ones that will allow fish and wildlife to pass, and remove obsolete dams to allow fish to reach their historic spawning ponds.

Other processes that need your help are saving water to retain adequate river flow and eliminating over-fertilization of our landscape; goals that each of us must promote and remedy in our daily lives. Conservation in all things is as essential to our future as a walk in the woods to clear our head or make the heart stronger.



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