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Greenbelt's OspreyCam is located at our 30 acre Allyn Cox Reservation in Essex, MA along the shores of the Essex River. This webcam was installed in 2013, the third year that the same osprey pair, Allyn and Ethel, nested on this platform. For the latest updates, visit Greenbelt's Osprey Blog shown to the right on this page or follow Greenbelt on Facebook.

Chick in nest on 2013-05-30 at 8:31am

Cox Osprey Nest History

  • 2008 - platform installed, no activity
  • 2009/2010 - osprey activity but no nesting
  • 2011 - nest with 3 eggs, no eggs hatch
  • 2012 - nest with 3 eggs, fledge 1 young
  • 2013 - nest with 3 eggs, hatch one young that does not survive
  • 2014 - nest with 4 eggs, fledge 1 young. Watch the migration track of the 2014 fledgling here
  • 2015 - Ethel and Allyn returned in early April. Allyn disappeared. Ethel remained at nest until August but never produced eggs.
  • 2016 - Ethel was sited on the nest a few times in the early season but she did not nest here. Other Osprey were sited and some nest building was observed.

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