Community Garden

Greenbelt's Land Stewardship Department cares for the many different kinds of property we conserve. The Stewardship staff is responsible for maintaining public access to many of our owned properties; creating and maintaining trails, mowing agricultural fields and grasslands, installing signage, fencing, and all the other work associated with maintaining conservation land. Greenbelt also monitors private land permanently protected by conservation restriction or CRs, to ensure that landowners are following the principles of the CR.

The Stewardship Department has an ongoing need for volunteers to help care for their land with trail care and maintenance. If you are interested in volunteering for Greenbelt's Property Monitors Program, click here.

For information on hunting or other activities available on Greenbelt land, please read our Policies page.

Definition of Stewardship

Land Stewardship’s primary role is to ensure that the conservation values of protected properties are preserved. This is achieved through careful monitoring and record keeping of all Greenbelt owned properties and by fostering a mutual understanding of shared responsibility for managing conservation restrictions.