Can I bring my dog to Greenbelt Properties?

Yes. We ask that all owners follow these guidelines:

Carry a leash
Leash aggressive dogs
Control excessive noise
Do not leave dogs unattended
Pick up and dispose of dog waste
Prevent digging and destructive behavior

How can I get permission to hunt on Greenbelt Properties?

Hunting on Essex County Greenbelt Association (Greenbelt) land is presently allowed by permission only on a limited basis for white-tailed deer, waterfowl and certain game birds. Hunting for other species is prohibited on all Greenbelt properties until further notice. All permissions are issued prior to the opening of each hunting season. Permissions are rarely issued once the hunting seasons are underway.

The Director of Land Stewardship authorizes all hunting on Greenbelt land. Hunting permits will be issued only to active Greenbelt members. Permits are issued annually and previous permit holders are generally given preference.  Permits are only valid for one calendar year/hunting season. The permit must be in the hunter’s possession at all times while hunting on a Greenbelt property. All Massachusetts laws apply.

Requests to obtain a hunting permission for 2017 should be submitted in writing via mail or email to:
Director of Land Stewardship
Essex County Greenbelt Association
82 Eastern Avenue
Essex, MA 01929
978-768-7241 ext. 14.

The letter/email to Greenbelt should include your contact information (with email address and cell phone  number if available), as well as information about your hunting background, what species will be targeted, methods (archery or firearms), and what property or properties you wish to hunt on. Requests for access to a specific property are preferred and it is advised to contact the Director of Land Stewardship to determine the status of a property before you spend time and energy scouting. All requests will be dated upon arrival and filed. Requests for deer hunting will be reviewed annually around September 1st  and permits sent out by Oct 15.

Generally, requests received after the opening of the archery season are deferred to the following year. The majority of deer hunting permissions are for the archery season only.

Maps of certain Greenbelt properties can be reviewed and/or purchased at our offices in Essex. Some maps are posted on our website. Membership information can be obtained at our offices or from our website at Contact the Director of Land Stewardship with questions.

Can I camp on any Greenbelt properties?

Camping is not allowed on Greenbelt properties. As stated in our Allowed Use Regulations, all Greenbelt properties are open sunrise to sunset.

Where can I find your latest Annual Report?

Greenbelt's 2015 Annual Report can be found here. You can find our 2015 Form 990 here..

What is your Federal Tax ID Number?


How can I become a volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in Greenbelt! We have many opportunities for volunteers, from administrative work to event help. Please visit our Volunteer page or email

How can I become an Art in the Barn artist or volunteer

Art in the Barn will be held June 12-14, 2015. It is a juried exhibit and sale benefiting Greenbelt - 50% of sales go directly towards our mission of land conservation.

Interested artists should submit an application by March 27, 2015 via email. Contact Shelley at if interested in sending in a submission.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Shelley at

How do I access my Greenbelt donation history?

Greenbelt also recently launched a new online community for our members. Members can now update contact information, view giving history, and make quick and easy donations online. Please take a moment to register for Greenbelt’s online community.

Are my online donations and membership transactions secure on the Greenbelt website?

Yes, Greenbelt is committed to providing only a secure environment for financial transactions. All membership and donation payment forms on our website display their security certification information. We use a 3-year, 256-bit SSL certificate from GeoTrust SSL CA. You can view more information by visiting any of our membership or general donation payment pages and clicking on the GeoTrust logo or page security settings.

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