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  • A Natural History of Boston's North Shore

    A Natural History of Boston's North Shore

    Written & Illustrated by Kristina Lindborg
    $15 plus shipping

    A beautifully illustrated guide to the flora, fauna, and geology of Boston's North Shore for readers of all ages. Echoing the changing rhythms of the natural world, this book emphasizes the unique seasonal activities of various mammals, birds, fish, and plants, highlighting the intricately balanced and varied ecology of the region. Generously illustrated with the author's beautiful pen, pencil, and ink-washed drawings, this book will delight anyone interest in an accessible nature guide to the North Shore.

  • Cox Reservation Poster

    Cox Reservation Poster

    This beautiful poster, originally painted by local artist Jim Clyde, depicts Cox Reservation's famous view across the marsh. $20

  • Greenbelt Guide 2017 Update Kit

    Greenbelt Guide 2017 Update Kit

    This three map update kit brings the original Guidebook up to date. Includes the Jennie Lagoulis Reservation, Echo Reservation/Elizabeth How Reservation Combination map, and the multi-property Indian Hill Conservation Area map. $5 plus shipping.

  • Greenbelt Guidebook - 2nd Edition Now in Stock

    Greenbelt Guidebook - 2nd Edition Now in Stock

    The 2nd edition, expanded  Greenbelt Guide leads you to over 25 spectacular destinations. The spiral bound portfolio has four pockets, representing a distinctive area of Essex County for you to explore.  Removable trail maps and property guides, printed on weather resistant paper provide property highlights, special features, activities, flora, fauna and often, some of the property’s unique history.  Many newly acquired reservations are featured, along with handicapped-accessible viewing platforms destinations for wildlife observation.
    $19.95 each plus shipping.

  • Islands in the Storm

    Islands in the Storm

    Islands in the Storm
    William Sargent
    $20 plus shipping

    A signed copy of Bill Sargent's latest book on climate change. Redolent with wit, wisdom, and common sense, Islands in the Storm tells the remarkable story of barrier beach island dwellers, before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy. It presents the pungent reminder that at the present rate of sea-level rise increase all of America's 200 barrier beach communities will start disintegrating withing the next few decades.

  • The Narrow Edge

    The Narrow Edge

    The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab, and an Epic Journey
    by Deborah Cramer
    $28 plus shipping

    Each year tiny sandpipers—red knots—undertake a near miraculous 19,000 mile journey from one end of the earth to the other and back. In this firsthand account, Deborah Cramer accompanies them on their extraordinary odyssey along the length of two continents, tracking birds from remote Tierra del Fuego to the icy Arctic. On the full moon of spring’s highest tides, she seeks out horseshoe crabs, ancient, primordial animals whose eggs are essential to migrating shorebirds, and whose blue blood, unbeknownst to most people, safeguards human health. The Narrow Edge offers unique insight into how the lives of humans, red knots and horseshoe crabs are intertwined, and is an inspiring portrait of loss and resilience, of the tenacity of birds, and the courage of the many people who bird by bird and beach by beach, keep red knots flying.

  • The View from Stawberry Hill, Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record by William Sargent

    The View from Stawberry Hill, Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record by William Sargent

    The View from Stawberry Hill, Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record
    by William Sargent
    $16 plus shipping 

    Before beginning this latest book, science writer William Sargent had intended to take a break from writing about the world’s environmental crises to “tend to his own garden” in Ipswich. Yet, as the hottest year on record unfolded with a series of massive fires, floods and the most devastating storm ever to hit the East Coast, it became increasingly difficult to keep the focus inward. What results is an account of his travels from home to the far corners of the globe to chronicle these events. In the end, he draws hope from science, nature and his own deep and abiding sense of the earth and universal spirituality. Signed copies of William Sargent's book are available through Greenbelt for $16.00.

  • The Water Closet, Ipswich River Watershed and Beyond by Pike Messenger

    The Water Closet, Ipswich River Watershed and Beyond by Pike Messenger

    The Water Closet: Ipswich River Watershed and Beyond
    Pike Messenger
    $20 plus shipping

    A collection of 300 essays published from 2006 through 2011 by the Middleton Stream Team, led by biologist, naturalist and author Pike Messenger, has morphed into a new book with topics ranging from alewives to glacial sculpted local landscapes. Signed copies of the $20 collection of essays are through Essex County Greenbelt.

  • Wild Plants I have Known and Eaten by Russ Cohen

    Wild Plants I have Known and Eaten by Russ Cohen

    Wild Plants I have Known and Eaten
    Written By Russ Cohen
    Illustrations by Stephanie Letendre
    $15 plus shipping (all proceeds donated to Greenbelt) 

    This guidebook focuses on edible plants that can easily be found throughout Essex County (and most of New England, for that matter). Includes tips and information related to foraging, and recipes! 

  • Greebelt Get Outside Tee

    Greebelt Get Outside Tee

    A lightweight long sleeve Greenbelt tee, perfect for your outdoor adventures! Sizes small - extra large, $18.

  • Greenbelt Blend Coffee

    Roasted by Zumi's in Ipswich, MA. Price: $10 per pound

  • Greenbelt Hat

    Greenbelt Hat

    Adjustable Pigment-dyed Twill Baseball Cap. Greenbelt logo on front, Tagline, "Essex County's Land Trust", on back

    Colors: Denim, Khaki, Grey
    Price: $15  

  • Greenbelt Tote Bags

    Greenbelt Tote Bags

    Show your support all over town with this set of 3 tote bags featuring the Campaign for 10,000 Acres. Each bag has a different theme: farms, woodlands, and marshland. Set of 3 bags is $15

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