Hamilton, Massachusetts

Total Acres: 136

Year Conserved: 1992


Property Description

The Pingree Reservation was once part of the Pingree Estate, one of the several 'Great Estates' established in this area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The former estate house is now a private, co-ed day school. Several trails traverse the property; leading visitors thorough a lovely forested upland of beech trees and pines. A red maple swamp boasts vibrantly colored leaves in the fall and serves to support the surrounding wetland and Black Brook. 


Special Features:

Pingree Reservation hosts a remarkable series of eskers. These uncommon glacial formations may at first look like a strange arrangement of railroad embankments. Actually, they are ancient riverbeds, formed when the mountains of ice melted, creating rivers along weak zones. Silt and rocks were laid down along the rivers' narrow paths, and eventually streambeds were built up above the level of ground on which the glaciers rested. After the retaining ice walls melted away, these streambeds were left behind, recognizable as the raised winding ridges we see today.

Look for the “beaver-deceiver”, a flood control device, managed by Greenbelt that is located at the edge of our property. While the return of the beaver to our woods and wetlands has helped to improve wildlife habitat, their natural instinct to dam flowing water presents some challenges. The beaver deceivers prevent the beaver from blocking a culvert opening with sticks, allowing water to flow freely through. Look for a 40 ft long submerged pipe, protected upstream by a small wire cage.

Water passes through the cage and pipe, protecting the culvert from beaver dams and maintaining a proper water level. 

Esker - An esker is a long winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel, which occur in glaciated and formerly glaciated regions. Because of their peculiar uniform shape, eskers are somewhat like railway embankments. 


Pingree Trail Map (pdf)



Parking is limited to 2 cars.

Parking GPS Location
Latitude: 42.633468
Longitude: -70.865522


From Route 128/Exit 20/Route 1A North
Go north on Route 1A. In 4.5 miles, turn left onto Cutler Road. Trailhead and parking are 1.0 mile ahead on left. Space for 2-3 cars.

From intersection of Route 133 and Route 1A in Ipswich
Go south on Route 133/1A toward Hamilton. In 4.0 miles, bear right to continue on Route 1A south. In 3.4 miles after Route 133 and Route 1A split, turn right onto Cutler Road. Trailhead and parking are 1.0 mile ahead on the left. Park on shoulder of road. Space for 2-3 cars.


Pingree Woodland

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