Georgetown, Massachusetts

Total Acres: 17

Year Conserved: 1972


Property Description

This property is near Baldpate Pond and a satellite of Massachusetts Division of Forest and Parks property. It is accessible by walking the relatively steep fire road. A fire tower is still present at the top of the hill.

Baldpate Hill sits on top of one of Essex County's drumlins, a rounded hill, formed  by glacial ice acting on the underlying soil. Scarlet tanagers, house wrens, and ruby meadowhawk dragonflies can be spotted in the summer, and gray tree frogs can be heard calling, especially after rain. Historically, ruffed grouse lived here; please let us know if you’ve spotted one.

Be advised: Access to this property is shared by several entities. Walkers and hikers will see the presence of utility poles, wires and a cell phone tower.

Drumlin: A low oval mound or small hill, typically one of a group, consisting of compacted glacial till shaped by past glacial action.



Limited parking (2-3 cars) is available on the west side of the road, at the entrance of the fire road.



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Baldpate Hill

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  • Baldpate Hill
  • Baldpate Hill
  • Firetower
  • Utility Wire Hazards
  • Ruffed grouse
  • Red Meadowhawk Dragonfly


Spofford Street , Georgetown

Use Type



  • Birding
  • Dog Walking
  • Hiking
  • Nature Study
  • Snowshoeing
  • X-C Skiing