Essex, Massachusetts

Total Acres: 106

Year Conserved: 1986


Property Description

This property is part of the larger Manchester-Essex Woods. The property protects the headwaters of the Essex River, which is a mere trickle at this location, and is part of a wildlife corridor that runs south from the salt marshes of Essex into the Manchester-Essex Woods. There are several natural communities on this property, the predominant of which is an oak forest. Depending on the amount of moisture in the soil, white, red, scarlet and black oaks are interspersed with black birch, red maple, beech, hemlock, white pine, and shagbark and pignut hickories. The slope of the land is generally to the north creating a slightly cooler climate preferred by beech and hemlock.

There are two geocaches at Warren Weld!  Learn more about them here and here

Special Features:

The Warren Weld Woodlot is an excellent spot to observe wildlife. Catbriar and low-bush blueberries provide food for many species. Deadwood hemlocks provide shelter for cavity-nesting animals like flying squirrels and Saw-whet Owls. Opossum, red fox, skunk, otter, deer and other mammals makes their home in these woods. Several natural ecosystems thrive here, contributing to a varied bird population. A shrub swamp holds several vernal pools that provide a breeding habitat for amphibians.

Let us know if you are lucky enough to find spotted salamanders, spotted turtles spring peepers and wood frogs.


Vernal pools, also called vernal ponds are temporary pools of water, which tend to reach their greatest depth in spring, due to snow melt. They are usually devoid of fish, and therefore allow the safe development of newly hatched amphibians, like tadpoles, toads and salamanders.

 For more information about vernal pools, consult the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team at



Parking is limited to 4 cars. Park in the small turnout on your left.

Parking GPS Location
Latitude: 42.620033
Longitude: -70.782650



From Route 128/Exit 15/School Street/Southern Ave
Go on School Street/Southern Ave towards Essex. In 2.2 miles, bear left onto Apple Street. Trailhead and parking are 0.6 miles ahead on the left. Space for 2-3 cars.

From intersection of Route 22 and Route 133 in Essex
Go south on Route 22. In 0.8 miles, turn left onto Apple Street. Trailhead and parking are 0.7 miles ahead on the right. Space for 2-3 cars.

Warren Weld Woodland

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Apple Street, Essex

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