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Greenbelt is working on a unique opportunity to help protect one of Rowley’s historic family farms. 

Over a year ago, Maggie and Bill Mehaffey, who are committed to preserving the land for agriculture in keeping with their heritage, reached out to Greenbelt to seek help with acquiring the farm from far-away family members with whom they share ownership. 

Greenbelt proposed an approach that would not only help the Mehaffeys obtain sole possession of the farm, but ensure that the land remains forever preserved for farming and open space. 

Greenbelt is actively focused on a community-based fundraising effort whose goal is to raise $450,000 to ensure that the 31-acre Newbury Road farm is permanently preserved. 

Last fall, voters in the Town of Rowley authorized $100,000 in Community Preservation Funds towrd the project.   The balance of $350,000 must be raised from private funds by June 2017.

Mehaffey Farm 

The Threat to Rowley's Farmland

Like farmland across the region,  Mehaffey Farm is at risk.  Fractured family ownership, high land values and development pressure mean that without a conservation option, this farm, like so many others, will be lost to development.

The fields at Mehaffey Farm supply produce to numerous area restaurants that are committed to sourcing locally. They provide fresh eggs, seasonal vegetables and flowers to area families subscribed to their weekly farm share. Mehaffey Farm also serves as a hands-on classroom where seasonal farm staff from local high schools and colleges gain hands-on experience  learning sustainable farming techniques, and beginning farmers get the mentoring they need to hone their skills before establishing their own farms.

A Succesfull Campaign Will:

  • Help maintain a robust agricultural economy in Rowley, helping to preserve Rowley’s farming heritage and future.
  • Preserve access to fresh, healthy, locally-grown food
  • Help safeguard Rowley’s drinking water supply
  • Create a public trail with parking to access Willowdale State Forest 

Mehaffey Farm Project Map


Project Budget

Greenbelt Private Fundraising                           $350,000

Transactional Costs (paid by Greenbelt)          $21,000 (approximately)

Town of Rowley CPA                                             $100,000

TOTAL                                                                         $471,000


Community Support is Critical - You can make a difference!

  • DONATE today to save Mehaffey Farm!

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